Take Gaming to the Next Level

Let us build a gaming PC setup for you in Bakersfield or Porterville, CA

Making the choice between a custom PC and a console isn't hard. With a custom PC, you open the door to a whole new world of gaming. With enhanced performance and frame rates, faster load times and access to top-tier processors, endless storage and community-made mods, you can enjoy your favorite games in new ways while improving overall performance.

Contact Bakersfield Bytes Computer Repair & Support today if you're interested in a custom gaming PC setup in Bakersfield or Porterville, CA.

Building the perfect PC for you

Building the perfect PC for you

Need to make sure you have enough USB ports for all your peripherals? Want adapters for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections? Let us build your new PC. With a gaming PC setup built by our expert, you can:

  • Ensure every part you pick is compatible
  • Maximize performance while working within your budget
  • House your PC in a stylish case and customize its appearance completely

Our owner will help you choose the parts for your new PC if needed and will make sure your PC is fully operational and running correctly before turning it over to you. Email us now about your PC.