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Get computer virus removal in Bakersfield & Porterville, CA

Is your computer acting funny? Do you think your computer may have picked up a virus?

At Bakersfield Bytes Computer Repair and Support, we're virus removal experts. With years of IT experience, we've seen just about every type of malware out there, from adware and spyware to viruses and worms. If you're dealing with a slow web connection, constant popup ads or some other strange phenomena, you'll want to call our virus-busting squad at Bakersfield Bytes in Bakersfield & Porterville, CA.

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Viruses can come from downloading software, opening an email or even just surfing the web. Once your computer is infected, it can be challenging to get rid of the virus and protect yourself against future infiltrations.

Bakersfield Bytes Computer Repair and Support will pick up your computer and deliver it back to you in 3-5 days at no extra charge, after we handle your:

•Virus or adware/spyware removal
•Reinstallations and restoration
•Malware protection

Don't let the bad bugs win. Contact Bakersfield Bytes Computer Repair and Support in Bakersfield & Porterville, CA for computer virus assistance today!